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8 key benefits of exercising in the fresh air

Exercising outdoors in the fresh air surrounded by greenery has many health benefits. Read on to find out how it can benefit you!

The benefits of exercising in the fresh air:

It is good for your health as it helps improve blood pressure and heart rate, strengthen immune system, reduce obesity rates, and strengthen family ties which can all help towards a healthier you!

The ability to digest food more effectively due to the increase of oxygen flow, if you are looking to lose weight, this can give you a big boost along the way. If you are looking for weight loss, the colder the weather is the more calories you burn! Think of those calories! The colder the weather is, the more energy your body must regulate the body temperature and to work harder to keep you warm!

Fresh air makes you happier, the more fresh air that you get, the more oxygen you will breathe in which will increase the serotonin (the happy hormone) you inhale, making you happier! Positive emotions can correlate to a person’s long-term health habits which reduce the risk of future heart problems.

Similarly, fresh air can boost self-esteem! People have found that the more time people spend outdoors, the better they feel about their body image and have higher self-esteem.

You can clean your lungs by helping them dilate more fully in fresh air which improves the cleansing action of your lungs, by exhaling and breathing out through your lungs you release airborne toxins from your body.

Spending time in fresh air and around nature increases the energy of 90% of people. This has a positive impact of being outdoors taking part in physical activity or social interactions that can take place in the natural setting. 

When the sun does decide to come out for us, it can help us produce vitamin D from the sun which is essential for body functions such as your immune system, strengthening our bones, teeth and many more.

Surrounding yourself in green spaces in the great outdoors is found to support both objectively and subjectively, so your sense of well-being is improved as well as with your immune system, heart health and recovery time after exercise. Along with helping stress and anxiety levels, which can seem to be forgotten when time is spent outdoors.

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Author: TEAM Engage Team – Dave Pickles & Fay Burrows 

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