Make a lasting change

Make a lasting change!

Be the change you want to see, by following the 4 top tips below on how to make that lasting change!

One keynote to consider whilst reading this blog is having the right support. It is the base to your journey of making a lasting change! By finding the right support, you build a sense of belonging for yourself. A place for you to become comfortable and learn to open up in a supportive environment where you are listened to.

Make a not-to-do list:

Say no! For you to make a lasting change you need to be able to eliminate the unnecessary tasks out of your day, one way of doing this is by simply making a not-to-do list. Do this by working out what is eating your usable time. Then write a not-to-do list of the top two biggest unnecessary things taking up your time (it could be web browsing or manic-email checking) and review them each morning before you start your day.

 Along side making a not-to-do list you could draw together the to-do list with goals. By setting yourself daily or weekly goals it motivates you for the short-term to work towards them to achieve. It allows you to focus mentally for the day ahead, prioritising different tasks set and helps to organise your time throughout the day.

E-mail embargo:

Being a person with an ‘always on’ culture results in it being hard to balance the work, including home life balance, which can cause great levels of stress. Many workers check their emails over the weekend, although their working hours are 9-5 Monday to Friday. Be honest, this is most probably what you do too! If it is, you may find an e-mail embargo useful!

An e-mail embargo is the ban or redirection of emails flowing to prevent workers from checking their emails and working during out of working hours to create a better work-life balance.

Maybe you could start your day with an e-mail embargo until 11am, and until then focus on completing your most important tasks already on your to-do list. This will prevent you feeling overwhelmed with more tasks before you have completed the previous ones! It is always harder to start those tasks that you have less confidence in completing and therefore when you cannot decide which task should take priority, it is often the most uncomfortable tasks that are left to be prioritised.

Do not work harder when you are swamped:

AVOID working harder than ever in times when you are swamped! The feeling of being overwhelmed is due to a lack of priorities, not lack of time. So, take time out to review the tasks that need to be done, and prioritise them into a to-do list. By focusing on this priority management, you will release the pressure that you have held on yourself.

So not try and please everyone:

By trying to please everyone, you make tasks harder for yourself! If your mind is not in the right mindset to complete specific tasks, this could be timing of the task being set, or opinions being different between yourself and the work being created. The task will become hard to complete and not created to the best of your ability. So, avoid trying to please everyone by not only being honest…  but learning to speak out and ask for what you want and need. By telling people when you dislike or cannot do something will make everything easier and allow you to work more confidently.

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  • Dave had great energy and positivity about him, which made you want to engage and listen to him. The content was insightful especially around how much water you should be drinking and how this should change if you have been exercising…oh…and his little hangover cure – Mel


  • I thought the workshop was very interactive, informative, and helpful. I particularly enjoyed the sleep aspect and the knowledge gained – Maxine


  • By way of feedback on the session I thought Dave was really very nice and knowledgeable and was disappointed that there is a problem with my screen as it kept flickering badly so I could not focus on Dave as such – but would happily go on expedition to Kilimanjaro with him as I have always said I would like to do that challenge – sensible practical advice we can all follow delivered with a lovely smile – Edwina


  • I found it very refreshing and useful especially the nutrition bit as it is something, we all too easily forget when busy – Sarah


  • I thought it was remarkably interesting, he clearly knew his stuff and was extremely passionate about his work which I thought was pretty inspiring. That said, I have not implemented anything he suggested yet…! – Lorraine


  • Good session and delivered in a friendly, engaging, and informative way. I was interested to hear that hydration is the first point to tackle to help with better sleep! – Victoria


  • I thought the workshop was excellent, Dave was very friendly and informative and offered do-able advice on how to feel the best version of yourself – Ruth

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