Setting daily goals

Importance of setting Daily Goals…

Setting yourself goals motivates you for the short-term to work towards them to achieve. By setting daily goals, it focusses you mentally for the day ahead, prioritising different tasks set and helps to organise your time throughout the day.

A few tips to help meet your daily goals…

Most important of all is to be disciplined with yourself, having great control of the mind and motivation from setting the goals, all the way through to fully completing them means that you are more likely to not only achieve the goals, but to achieve them to the best of your ability!

Being organised means that you can prepare yourself for the next goals and having the ability to manage your time well so that you can meet all daily goals set for each day. This also means planning… Don’t set yourself that many goals for one day that you haven’t got time in the day for anything else. Even if you just have one… Two or three goals a day, it is a starting point to having a productive day.

By cutting bad habits out of your daily routine, this frees up more valuable time for you to focus on your daily goals, in a positive and productive way. A bad habit for many to eliminate is procrastination! By allowing yourself to procrastinate increases the strain you give yourself to achieve your goals meaning they are done to a standard that is not the best of your ability. By allowing yourself to become distracted leads you to becoming less focused on the task. Also removing the tasks throughout the day that may not be necessary or that may slow you down or restrain you from achieving your daily goal.

Examples of healthy daily goals to set:

  • Step count
  • The most common step count daily goal is 10,000 steps
  • Water intake

Fact: Did you know, the daily water intake one person should consume a day is 6-8 glasses. By staying hydrated your brain can function properly and allow you to focus of the goals you have set yourself and other daily tasks.

  • Balanced calorie intake

Tip: Ensure you are eating a balanced diet, many people track calories, but sometimes it is more effective to track the items of food you are consuming in one day rather than just the total calories. For example, if you were to have the target of 1,400 calories… One person could eat 1,400 calories of chocolate and the other eat it as a balance diet.

5 Reasons why organization is important

  • Organisation in day-day life is key to meeting goals
  • Not only does organisation save time but this saves money too!
  • Keeping up to date and completing tasks on time can ensure that you can free up valuable time for more important tasks.
  • Customer service can be forgotten about when there is issues with organization.
  • Reduce stress and work overload, an organised environment is a better working environment.

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