Attention all team leaders

Firstly, take a moment, just think about your workforce, your employee’s – their motivation and engagements… ask yourself:

Are your staff happy?

Are they engaging within the team whilst working?


Are your staff motivated to reach the requirements of your business?

The importance of employee engagement

Employee engagement should be one of the focuses in the workplace. The value and importance of employee engagement should be treasured and focused on highly within your business.

A little statistic for you: Businesses with engaged employees outperformed other businesses by 202%.

3 Reasons why employee engagement is important:

  1. Boost productivity by having engaged employees

Having employees that invest not only their time but their passion and themselves are more productive than those who are not, this is driven from the enjoyment of contributing to the success of your business, the celebration of success will allow them to feel valued encouraging them to continue to happily enjoy working for you.

Tailoring an engagement for your team with TEAM Engage to build the team moral or challenge the individuals together means you are contributing towards boosting your businesses productivity.


  1. You will retain your best people

The employees that are engaged involve themselves to the fullest and invest in their roles to a personal level holding responsibility to complete the tasks at hand to their best, these are the people that are less likely to leave. Sometimes your best employees are the least engaged, ensure everyone is engaged as you do not want to lose any of your best employees.

Engage with TEAM Engage!


  1. Engagement is the key to success

This is not just the success of the business, more so the success of an individual or team, engagement can drive this success which inevitably will positively impact your businesses success as a result. Engaged employees believe that their work matters, they are valued when they succeed and contribute to your business’s success with recognition – this drive’s the work ethos.

Recognise your employee’s contributions. Tailor a team engagement with TEAM Engage for their needs and boost your team to increase performance.

Motivate your team!

Why should you motivate your team?

A key point to your business’s success is the motivation of our employees. The everyday commitment of the employees is important to be maintained to succeed the goals and aims that you have set.

Ensuring that your employees understand the positive impacts that they have on clients can be a driver within their work, encouraging them to work hard to improve as many people’s lives as possible.

Efficiency can be improved by the increased motivation of your employees!

How can team engage help?

TEAM Engage can provide face to face and online tailor made team energisers UK & Globally, to help increase personal and team performance through knowing self, method and mind, building strong health and wellbeing within sustainable relationships demonstrating measurable long term positive change.

 Do something now to positively impact your team in a sustainable way!


“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Steve Jobs

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Author: TEAM Engage Team – Dave Pickles & Fay Burrows

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